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Hiu Yan Grace Kwok Discussion Section: Thurs 10am Reading Response #1 January 27 th , 2009 Demystifying the Asian Mystique: It Is a Two Way Street Sheridan Prasso’s Asian Mystique offers profound insights into the West’s romanticization and eroticization of Asian females and its construction of Asian male effeminacy. After reading the book, I realize the distinct images of “geisha girls,” “China doll,” “Dragon lady,” “perfect wives,” and etc. are all commodities that serve to reinforce white men’s threatened masculinity. Among all issues outlined in the book, I think the fetishizing of East-West marriages is in the most pressing need of being dissected and analyzed since this phenomenon is no longer just about sexual gratification of men. It involves the sacred covenant of marriage and extends itself into the private domain of home; it has given many Asian false hopes and then devastated them, and yet it is turning common. In the chapter Ten People, Ten Colors, it appears paradoxical to readers that on one hand Yukie said her husband loved her the way she was and asked nothing “Asian” of her since he himself did not care for the Asian culture, on the other hand he acted all manipulative and often bossed Yukie around, like how general western men expect submissiveness from Asian women. How come a white man who is not
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asian_mystique_reading_response - Hiu Yan Grace Kwok...

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