quiz_2_review - Fable narrative chreia Definition examples...

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Unformatted text preview: Fable, narrative, chreia Definition: examples of progymnasmata, a series of exercises for speech composition in the tertiary stage of education, fable narrative chreia: the complexity gets higher Significance: social marker, fully developed soul, fully human Pheidias’ Zeus Definition: the famous Greek sculptor Pheidias’ depiction of Zeus, a statue made of gold and ivory, 40 feet high, seated posture Example: the topic of sophist Dio Chrysostom’s speech he gave during the Olympics after his exile Significance: one of the seven wonders in the ancient world, indirect means to comprehend deities, human form of deities Ta ethika Definition: human affairs, proposition by Socrates that philosophers should concern about human matters, what is wrong and what is right, virtues and vices Example: Significance: the post-Socratic world Ta physika Definition: physical world and implicit things Example: Anaxagoras the philosopher, when asked whether he cared about his homeland, he said yes and pointed to the sky Significance: the pre-Socratic world, where philosophers’ primary concern is theorizing the sun ,the moon and the cosmos Diatribe Definition: a conversational form of teaching, consists of questions, answers, arguments and counter-arguments to make the original statement more persuasive Example: the conversation between Epictetus and the interlocutor Significance: the importance of speech and rhetoric Peristaseis and Providence Definition: peristaseis predicaments and hard circumstances, providence the ability to endure hardships in the confidence that god will provided all you need Example: the hunter of Euboea depicted by Dio Chrysostom, who experience hardships but remained dignity, integrity and friendliness Significance: stoic view, way to live a virtuous life: god’s provided with what we need and live according to nature and lead a virtuous life, impact on the way Christians lived during the WONT All of life as a celebratory situation Definition: that we should praise, no matter good or bad, every situation we encounter...
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quiz_2_review - Fable narrative chreia Definition examples...

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