Essay 3 - Zhuangzi - Anil Kanungo ANS 301R Dr. Stalker...

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Anil Kanungo ANS 301R Dr. Stalker October 31, 2008 The True Man’s Perceptions on Death The 4 th Century philosopher, Zhuangzi, taught many revolutionary ideas on the perfection of self and cognition of the unlimited. He introduced many ideas which lead to thoughts in relativism, anarchy, and evolution. The core of his philosophy regarding the perfection of self involves the discussion of what he calls the “True Man.” Throughout his self-titled book, Zhuangzi , he illustrates and explains how the ideals of a “True Man” include the understanding of death and how understanding its passage from life is reached and cannot be reached. The “True Man” goes beyond the scope of “accepting” death and begins to “understand” death. On page 81 of Zhuangzi , Master Yu explains, “I received life because the time had come; I will lose it because the order of things passes on” and goes on about enjoying the time one has and not dwelling on it. Here, views on death have gone past recognition. They are past acceptance. They are in a state of understanding and progressing; how one should live since he or she will inevitably die one day. In this same chapter, Confucius is explaining to Yan Hui the wisdom of Mengsun: “Mengsun doesn’t know why he lives and doesn’t know why he dies. He doesn’t know why he should go ahead…he is merely waiting for some other change that he doesn’t yet know about. ..his emotions will suffer no death. Mengsun alone has waked up.” This understanding causes Mengsun to not be emotional at his mother’s funeral (although he does mourn her). Even though Mengsun does not understand what he will experience upon leaving
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Essay 3 - Zhuangzi - Anil Kanungo ANS 301R Dr. Stalker...

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