Building ID (Quiz 1) - Daniel Libeskind S. Andrea Mantua...

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U.S. Pavilion at Expo Buckminster Fuller Houses Peter Eisenman Capitol Buildings Louis Kahn Zollverein School of Design Kazuyo Sejima Guggenheim Museum Frank Lloyd Wright Library Gunnar Asplund Designs for Chaux Claude Ledoux Pyramids Bishops Palace Nicolas John Clayton Foam House Charles Harker St. Peters BramanteSangallo Michaelangelo Della Porta Maderno Bernini Library Ricardo Legorreta Farm Hugo Haering Barcelona Pavillio Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House Mies van der Rohe New State Chancellery Albert Speer Cathedral Chartres Chateau Le Vau/Le Notre/Le Brun Taj Mahal Agra Chapel Le Corbusier Opera House Jorn Utzon Villa Rotunda Palladio Casa Rotunda Stabio Dormitory Louis I. Kahn S. Carlo alla Quattro Fontane Borromini Denver Museum of Art
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Unformatted text preview: Daniel Libeskind S. Andrea Mantua Alberti Schroeder House Gerritt Rietveld Centre Pompideau Piano and Rogers Austin City Plan Edwin Waller Savannah City Plan James Oglethorpe Central Beheer Offices Herman Hertzberg Sarabhai Residence Corbusier Kimball Art Museum Louis I. Kahn Modern Art Museum Tadeo Ando Wat Arun and Royal Palace Casa Mila Antonio Gaudi TWA Terminal Eero Saarinen "Dipoli" Student Union Reia Pietila Guggenheim Museum Frank Gehry Disney Concert Hall Frank Gehry Phaeno Science Center Zaha Hadid St. Ignatius Chapel Steven Holl Jewish Museum Daniel Libeskind Museum of Contemporary Art of the XXI Century Kazuyo Sejima...
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Building ID (Quiz 1) - Daniel Libeskind S. Andrea Mantua...

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