General Biology 102 - Course Requirements & Procedures

General Biology 102 - Course Requirements & Procedures...

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General Biology II Spring 2009 – Lecture (Schwartz) /Laboratory Requirements Required Texts: Lecture: Biology – Campbell et al. , 8 th Edition Laboratory: Biological Investigations. Form, Function, Diversity, and Process Dolphin, 8 th Edition A Guide to Biology Laboratory. Rust, 3 rd Edition Other Required Materials: calculator lab coat goggles dissection kit black and white composition book Attendance: According to the Department of Biological Sciences Student Handbook, “students are expected to attend ALL lecture, laboratory and discussion group sessions.” Attendance will be taken during lecture and laboratory. This course is extremely fast paced and as you will see, attendance at lecture is essential in order to keep up with the material. Because of the large lecture size, attendance will be monitored using quizzes (refer to Exams and Quizzes section below for more details). It is also critical that all students attend each laboratory session as no session can be made up. Thus, each unexcused lab session absence will result in a reduction in the final laboratory grade at the laboratory instructors’ discretion. Failure to attend a total of 3 laboratory sessions (excused or unexcused) will result in failure of the laboratory component of the course. In addition, persistent lateness to lecture or laboratory, or leaving early will also result in a reduction of grade. A student may be excused from lecture and/or laboratory upon presentation of a medical note, or evidence of a “catastrophic event,” (involving you or a family relative) indicating that it was physically impossible to attend that session within two weeks of the absence. These notes will be checked. Exams and Quizzes: There will be 2 lecture examinations and a lecture final examination. The final exam will be broken down as follows: 90% Biology 102 cumulative and 10% Biology 101 and 102 cumulative. There will be absolutely NO make-up lecture exams unless there is an excusable, documented absence. The documentation must be provided to me within 1 week of the missed exam and will be checked. For those individuals that have an acceptable documented excuse, a Bio 102 cumulative lecture make-up exam will be given during the week before final exam week. The grade that is received on this exam will be used as the grade for the exam that was missed. The make-up exam will have a fill-in-the-blank format. There will be three (3) laboratory exams.
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General Biology 102 - Course Requirements & Procedures...

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