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Lab Schedule 2009

Lab Schedule 2009 - M 3/2 Investigating Plant Cells Tissues...

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General Biology II Spring 2009 CRN: 20024 PLV Laboratory Syllabus Josh Schwartz Office: Marks 28, Phone: (914)-773-3507 e-mail: [email protected]e.edu Required Texts: Lecture: Biology – Campbell et al. , 8 th Edition Laboratory: Biological Investigations. Form, Function, Diversity, and Process Dolphin, 8 th Edition A Guide to Biology Laboratory. Rust, 3 rd Edition Other Required Materials: calculator lab coat goggles dissection kit black and white composition book PLEASANTVILLE LABORATORY SCHEDULE Dates Topic Lab Topic M 1/26 Techniques in Microscopy 2 Cellular Structure Reflects Function 3 Assignment: Museum of Natural History Report Due: W 2/18-F 2/20, T 2/24, M 3/2 M 2/2 Working with Bacterial Diversity 14 Diversity Among Protists 15 M 2/9 Observing Fungal Diversity and Symbiotic Relationships 18 Seedless Plants 16 M 2/22 LAB EXAM 1 “The Secret Life of Pines (Intermediate)” Video Lab Notebook Due – Initial Critique
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Unformatted text preview: M 3/2 Investigating Plant Cells, Tissues, and Primary Growth 24 Primary-Secondary Growth and Transport in Roots and Stems 25 Museum Report Due M 3/9 Investigating Leaf Structure 26 Angiosperms Reproduction, Germination and Development 27 M 3/23 Photosynthesis Handout Assignment: Formal Laboratory Report Due: W 3/25-f 3/27, T 3/31, M 4/6 M 3/30 LAB EXAM II “The Biology of Cnidaria” Video “The Biology of Platyhelminthes” Video “The Biology of Annelida” Video “The Biology of Mollusca” Video M 4/6 Animal Phylogeny: Investigating Animal Body Plans 20 Protostomes I 21 Photosynthesis Lab Report Due M 4/13 Protostomes II 22 Dueterostomes 23 M 4/20 Animal Digestion/Gas Exchange 28 Animal Circulatory Systems 29 M 4/27 Animal Urogenital Systems 30 Animal Nervous and Sensory Systems 32 M 5/4 LAB EXAM III Lab Notebook Due 2...
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Lab Schedule 2009 - M 3/2 Investigating Plant Cells Tissues...

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