003_Quiz1 - Summer Session If EIJIJL‘I — 1 Quiz 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Summer Session If EIJIJL‘I — 1 Quiz 1 Physics 113:. General Physics— I'r'l echauies Formulae L'=L'.:.+u.1.f r—r.:.=L'.:.f+,-:.I;I.1.F L2: :+'_|.1.I:r—r.:.:l Id ..tfm1o:g:had:htanoeof??l:ly .Suppoae a:I:I equafion relating. pedtbn x, toHJne tli: given r = big +|::I'J'I where h and care oozed-ants. The dinmfion of h and e are HEP-ECHde' a. “£3.12” belué FIRTH d LETS, L971:4 a. .5; :iaia a period of '3 week: [1-1 day-a]. .-".:. raoe horaeia running at ape-ed ocE-EI yard: per neon-:1. “‘hat in hie: appreozhnate ape-ed in furlorg per :I. '3_5:l:I h LEI-Cl) C' 3'33} f] 15753 . .'I!I. DIARIES Him .1 TEE.le LIFT-3165 and CJ‘IELEE HIE 511T}! HIP-Ci": T11!!! IE'IL'ITDE tohie: mitt. .-'Lt what point in the hall: path does it :epefienee :ero Teleteng and non zero acceleration at the eame Earle? .‘J. :midwaj.‘ on: the w.:.:.- up 1: at the top offlz trajectory E' the :iml'ant it lean-ea the eat:he:l:a hand :1 the inn-taut hefiare it arrive: the catcher: hand .-".:. hall in thrown wfierfioflljr upward: at 1913! m__'a. Ear the oomplete trip [up and hack down to the darling. poem-Hon] its average velocity in .‘J. 19.6 m__'a b 9.33 m__'a C‘ 39.? :|:r.I_,'a :1 CI m__'a . I1: eaene of mafiou: with econ-taut aeoeleratiuoflI the average equal: imtantanmua “do-cit}- .‘J. atthehegliurlirg ofthe time interval 1:- at the end offline interval C' half—way HID-DIE]! the Ernie inten'al d three-flourtta of Hue way through Hue time interval . .-'Lt Hue top ofa difl 103 m high. Raoulth'owa a rod: upward with vdoeih.‘ of 15 :I:r.|_'a. How mu:h later duouH he drop a aeoand rock hum rent ao hoth rock: ar.l:i.".'e aimJltaneotalg.‘ at'HIe bottom of the nil-LE. In” |_ I . 1|]. 3mm“: Scum-m: H Tflflb — name 1: 3.76:: c- 213.": d 1.73:: .-'5. tuttab mm five block: due njrhh, five LJDELE due can-I: and mike: 1.7m:- bban due north. Ann-um .11] blL'FELE are of aqua] Elm. “11.11: in Hue while affine 1:12:55 Iflit-P].1':E:l'.|'.ln!:l'.l".'.IEDD-111! Elna-l: b: firth .'_'|. lE'Hu-rlus b '33 blocks C' 9.? Han-EL: d 313- HIS-ELE ‘-.‘-'hi-.—h cufth 001.115 make mm: .1: the pefiu-d 5:: me 5.11] cf .3. pendulum in Hz".- melerafic-n due b: and 1 in Hue JmEH: of H1".- pendulum]? .15!- L'- 5!- c' [5 FF"? *3 xii—F . .-'L 13.11] in: Jamel-Jed £11m: Emund law] .11: 3-0 m_ 5 ad: an .1113}: affli- drama, alum-e Hr hJfimb]. Hun-.- £11- 3.”: ii: 30 11-53..- H: is ad: gram-d 1m] again. 314m 1:: Tim C' 4.3m d Efim .-'5. pmgfi 5131:1115 rear-of: brain firm-elling .11: LEI m_5re].1fi'.'e hearth thm'uabm 111]] .11: speed uni-LEI m_ E in the direcfic-n opp-omit! b:- the mafia: afthe train. The x'elodh' ofbanebaJ] rehfive b:- Hueearhh'n fl30m_fi b13m_n: C' Um_: d Till-q: ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/12/2009 for the course PHYS 1A taught by Professor Onuchic during the Spring '07 term at UCSD.

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003_Quiz1 - Summer Session If EIJIJL‘I — 1 Quiz 1...

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