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Sheet1 Page 1 You are now reading the downloaded test file for Unit 00. 1. Answer the following questions. Type the answers in this file itself. You can refer to the presentation slides given to you in t h a) What happens if you do not complete all the units by May 2nd, 2008? - you fail the course b) What is the difference between a Review Test and a Readiness Test? - A review test is a test you take at the T.A.'s office hours that reviews the past 4 units a readiness test is a test you take afte c) Does your grade in the course suffer if you have to take a readiness test twice?
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Unformatted text preview: - no d) Are there any grades other than A and F assigned in this course?- no e) Are you aware of the fact that email communication is official according to UT policies? - yes f) Have you entered the correct email address in your UT Direct account?- yes g) How do you get the password for the next unit (unit 01)?- after you submit a test and the t.a grades it then you'll recive the password for the next unit. 2. Make sure to save the file after answering the questions. Bring up the Test Submission page and upload this file....
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