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APY 203 WORD LIST 1 Spring 2009 acclimatization gametes phenotype adaptation gene phenotypic ratio anthropometry gene flow pleiotropy adaptive radiation gene pool point mutation alleles genetic drift polygenic allele frequency genetics polymorphism amino acids genome population analogies genotype principle of independent assortment anthropology genus/genera principle of segregation autosomes haploid punctuated equilibrium balanced polymorphism Hardy-Weinberg theory of genetic equilibrium random assortment binomial nomenclature heterozygous recessive biological continuity homologies recombination biological species concept homologous reproductive success breeding isolates homozygous selective pressures
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Unformatted text preview: catastrophism hypoxia sex chromosomes chromosomes hyphothesis sex-linked codominance inbreeding sexual selection culture lactose intolerance sickle-cell trait DNA locus(loci) sociobiology deme karyotype somatic cells diploid macroevolution speciation dominant meiosis species ecological niche Mendelian traits environmental stress ecological species concept microevolution taxonomy evolution mitosis theory exaptation morphology transmutation extrasomatic mtDNA uniformitarianism fitness mutation variation (genetic) fixity of species natural selection zygote founder effect nonrandom mating...
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