Hinduism Notes - Hinduism Notes (odds and ends) As we have...

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Hinduism Notes (odds and ends) As we have discussed, Hinduism is a composite of many practices, many beliefs, many paths, all of which can lead to the one ultimate reality which is Brahman . Following are some ways Hinduism has been described with regard to the many gods and goddesses which are embodiments of the attributes that reveal the Supreme Reality , the One: “Truth is one; sages call it by many names” Hinduism is worship of the One under many forms. The one reality, source of life, is called by many names Many rivers, but all eventually flow into one ocean There is only one God, but endless are this God’s aspects and endless are this God’s names Sankya System – an Indian philosophical system. Thought to be the oldest in India. There are two states of reality: the Self and matter (the cause of the material world); one must have a dualistic understanding of reality Matter - mind, body, material universe are examples - temporal (of this world), transitory, passing - while matter brings happiness, it also causes suffering, misery, delusion the Self wise, pure, doesn’t change, eternal -- the Self becomes entwined with matter (the mind, personality, material concerns) and so is caught up in Samsara The goal is to free the eternal Self from this bondage of matter
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Hinduism Notes - Hinduism Notes (odds and ends) As we have...

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