EALC 102 syllabus-pan-2008

EALC 102 syllabus-pan-2008 - Spring, 2008 ELC 102 Language,...

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Spring, 2008 ELC 102 Language, Art and Culture: Chinese Calligraphy Instructor: Pan, Yue Office: THH 356H Phone: 213-740-3715 E-mail: yuepan@usc.edu Class Meetings: M 6-8 p.m. @ THH118 Office Hours: Program director: Dr. Audrey Li Office: THH 356M Phone: 213-740-3717 E-mail: audreyli@usc.edu Office Hours: by appointment --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goals: EALC 102 focuses on the history, development, aesthetics, and appreciation of Chinese calligraphy, and teaches students how to produce Chinese calligraphy during hands-on practice sessions in class. It is hoped that members of the class will produce a sufficient number of high- quality works toward the end of the semester for a campus-wide class exhibition. To the Western eye, the Chinese writing system is highly novel: instead of simple alphabetic letters there are thousands of unique characters, many of which seem incredibly intricate. Indeed, one of the most fascinating aspects of the Chinese language is its highly developed, special writing system. This course does not only teach the simple skill of writing with a brush, but also attempts to introduce students to Chinese poetic artistry and to the interrelation of poetry, calligraphy, and painting in the Chinese tradition, with each element complementing the other two. Moreover, as writing is an expression and outpouring of ideas and emotions of the individual, it is expected that many aspects of China’s culturally-fascinating heritage will be introduced through the practice of calligraphy. Students in this class are also expected to explore the considerable amount of material relating to Chinese calligraphy available on the World Wide Web and study various articles and example styles online. Texts:
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EALC 102 syllabus-pan-2008 - Spring, 2008 ELC 102 Language,...

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