303 05 1st exam study guide

303 05 1st exam study guide - Study guide for Exam 1...

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Study guide for Exam 1 Chemistry 303 Fall, 2005 Check the Web under "Announcements" for schedule updates and other suggestions. Review sessions: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the exam. Time and place TBA The review sessions will not include new material nor particularly organized discussions. They are designed to respond to your questions, so please come prepared. Methods of separation: ionize to change solubility. Acids and bases can form salts. Common: carboxylic acids and amines (base). Others generally classed as "neutral" (some exceptions--phenol, etc). Separation schemes, sequential addition of water solutions of acid and base to the organic solution of the mixture. Salts form and go into the water; come out again as free acid or free base when neutralized, dissolve again in the organic solvent. Combustion analysis burns the organic cpn to water and CO 2 ; wts can be used to calc. %C and %H. Analyze for other elements (except O), get ratio of atoms = empirical formula. Molecular weight gives the molecular formula. [do not attempt to memorize historical facts or episodes--not important] Nomenclature: no direct questions based on nomenclature. It will help if you can easily translate a name into a structure; nothing complicated nor tricky. Correlate structure with hybridized orbitals . 3 hybridizations: sp 3 = tetrahedral (4 sigma bonds). sp
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303 05 1st exam study guide - Study guide for Exam 1...

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