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303 05 1stEx - 1 Chemistry 303 fall 2005 FIRST EXAMINATION...

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1 Chemistry 303 fall, 2005 FIRST EXAMINATION 7:00 PM, OCTOBER 17th, 2005 Duration: 2.0 hr Name____________________________________________________________ Lab TA___________________________________________________________ (if you do not know his/her name, give day of lab section: Not Brow nor Clay) This is an "open book" examination; you may use anything which is not alive. Note: if you do not know the complete or specific answer, give a partial or general answer-- We love to give partial credit. If there seems to be more than one good answer, explain your thinking. If you invoke resonance delocalization as part of your answer, draw the relevant resonance structures WRITE SOMETHING Write only in the space provided for each question. Score (by page #: p2___________/15 p3___________/09 p4___________/12 p5___________/10 p6___________/14 p7___________/12 p8___________/07 p9___________/12 p10___________/09 Total: / 100 There are 10 pages in this exam; please check now to be sure you have a complete set. NOTE: The last page has a copy of the electronegativities from the text. Please be aware that a small number of students will be taking the exam at different times up until noon on Tuesday. It would be well not to discuss the exam until after that time. Pledge:_________________________________________________________________________________
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2 I . (15 pts). Consider the molecules, methyl iodide and hexafluoroethane: CH 3 I and CF 3 CF 3 One of them has bp -78 o C while the other has bp +46
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303 05 1stEx - 1 Chemistry 303 fall 2005 FIRST EXAMINATION...

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