090308 - MICRO NEUROANATOMY Penfield: the one who did the...

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MICRO NEUROANATOMY Penfield: the one who did the epilepsy cure, poking around in woman’s brain until she smelt burnt toast; he actually went around and poked in a lot of people’s brains and was responsible for mapping out what parts of the brain, especially the motor and sensory cortex, so he would poke at something and someone would move their finger w/o needing them to finger area, and so he mapped a lot of the brain through electrical stimulation Hebb: talked about changes that occurred in the brain in response to learning; the strengthening of synaptic connections Histology: study of tissue structure and in particular we are looking at brain tissue and the types of cells that are found in the brain, and this is a picture of a Golgi stain: technique that nobody knows how it works but it goes in and only stains some neurons, and you cannot pick which neurons but just selectively stains certain neurons can see total structure of cell neuron; isolates random cells; stain was created by Golgi 1 of the 1 st cell staining techniques invented Golgi proposed reticular hypothesis and came from a POV that everything in the body was holistic and worked together and it was all 1 unit, so based on his work w/ staining brains, he hypothesized that all the cells in the brain, all the neurons were interconnected, so everything was 1, long continuous mass of yarn Cajal used Golgi’s staining techniques and he started doing some staining and drew the anatomy of brain tissue; he proposed that each neuron/cell in the brain is actually separated by other cells by a tiny gap called the neuron doctrine These 2 jointly won the Nobel Prize in 1906 THE NEURON DOCTRINE 1. the brain is composed of separate cells that are independent of 1 another 2. information is transmitted from cell to cell across tiny gaps Electron Microscopy In the 1950s, developed the electron microscope Cajal was correct; black line: gap b/w an axon terminal and a dendrite; see that there is a gap b/w the
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090308 - MICRO NEUROANATOMY Penfield: the one who did the...

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