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P01.03 Comparative sizes of light waves What region of the spectrum best corresponds to light with a wavelength of. . . (a) the length of a football field? (b) the width of your pinky finger? (c) the thickness of a strand of hair? (d) the size of a virus? (e) the diameter of a hydrogen atom? (f) the size of a proton? Solution: a) A football field is approximately 100 m long, which is clearly in the radio region. b) A pinky finger is about 1 cm wide. This is definitely in the microwave region. c) How thick is a strand of hair? If you pluck a hair and hold it up to a ruler, you ought to be able to see that hair is considerably thinner than 1 mm, so a good guess for the thickness might be 0.1 mm (this number, also written as 100 μ m or 100 microns, is actually just about right). This thickness is in the
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