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P01-06 - Strategy Set the length of the equal to half a...

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P01.06 Rabbit TV antenna (25.36) A television is tuned to a station broadcasting at a frequency of 6.70E+7 Hz. For best reception, the rabbit-ear antenna used by the TV should be adjusted to have a tip-to-tip length equal to half a wavelength of the broadcast signal. Calculate the optimum length of the antenna. Picture of the problem: To obtain optimal reception of a 66.0-MHz TV signal, the length of the antenna should be equal to half a wavelength.
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Unformatted text preview: Strategy: Set the length of the equal to half a wavelength, where the wavelength is given in terms of the frequency using equation 25-4. Solution: Calculate the length of the antenna: 8 7 1 3.00 10 m 2 2 2(6.60 10 Hz) 2.27 m c L f λ × = = = × = Insight: To listen to an FM radio station at 107 MHz the antenna should be 1.40 m long....
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