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Key Terms globalization nomothetic ideographic absolute location relative location friction of distance distance decay projections mercator projection robinson projection peters projection GIS time-space compression new international division of labor WTO IMS World Bank Bretton Woods Other Terms (Book, Chapter 1) Imperialism Irredentism Ordinary landscapes Cultural ecology Sustainable development 1. What is globalization? What factors have led to globalization? 2. What are some arguments for globalization? Against globalization? 3. What is the WTO?
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Unformatted text preview: What are some ways the WTO has found countries to be in violation of “free trade”? 4. Be able to describe the effects of globalization on a variety of different scales (individual, city, country, worldwide etc.) 5. What are the broad objectives of geography? 6. What is the difference between small scale maps and large scale maps? 7. What are the four traditions of geography? 8. Be able to describe some ways information can be hidden or distorted with maps?...
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