Catholicism Fall 2008 Syllabus

Catholicism Fall 2008 Syllabus - 1 General Description...

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General Description: Catholicism and the Modern World Religion 01:840:317 Fall, 2008 Instructor: Cleo Kearns General Description: This course is about the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and modern culture. We will examine this relationship primarily through the lens of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), its context, its debates and its major statements. In the course of discussing these statements, we will touch on issues of Biblical belief, science and technology, church-state relations, Catholic encounters with Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, social action, sexuality, gender, prayer and spirituality. Work Load, Tests and Grading There will be a mid-term examination in class and a final exam, plus three sets of response notes and one paper of three to five pages. In general, the response notes will constitute 15% of your grade, the mid-term will constitute 25%, the paper 25%, your participation, 15% and the final exam 20%. Attendance and participation in class discussion are vital and hard to quantify. If you miss more than three classes in the term, please understand that you will put your grade at risk and consult with me. Plagiarism is not only unethical but detrimental to the spirit and substance of this course. The final exam is scheduled for Dec 16 8-11 pm. Office Hours Mondays and Thursdays by appointment Office #132 Loree 70 Lipman Drive Phone: 732-932-3287 Email: [email protected] Book List: John Paul II: Crossing the Threshold of Hope Edward Hannenburg: A Concise Guide to the Documents of Vatican II Michael Walsh: Catholicism: The Basics The Holy Bible (preferably the RSV or the Oxford Study Bible) Many essential materials for this course will be accessed primarily online or at Sakai. 1 1
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Syllabus: Catholicism and the Modern World Fall, 2008; Cleo Kearns Week One: “Pascendi, Recipe for Disaster or Bulwark of the Faith?” We will begin with the general terms of the modernist controversy in the aftermath the French Revolution. The term “modernist controversy” refers to the conflicts surrounding the Catholic Church during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when Catholics were faced with a profound wave of anti-clericalism in Europe, with new sociological and historical realities, new mass movements for social justice, new currents in Biblical criticism and the increasing prestige of scientific explanations for the cosmos and even for the nature of human life itself. These controversies often took the form of a Kulturkampf or “culture war” between religious and secular forces, mostly a war of words but sometimes spilling over into violence. In order to understand this context, we must bear in mind that the French
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Catholicism Fall 2008 Syllabus - 1 General Description...

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