Catholicism Final Paper Guidelines

Catholicism Final Paper Guidelines - Further Directions for...

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Further Directions for Final Paper Due December 9 Email me with questions, drafts, etc. at [email protected] (note the “m” in that address) General Directions From the Syllabus: This paper (seven to ten pages) should take the form of a letter to the Pope from you speaking as bishop of a particular city or province (world-wide; the choice is yours). It should lay out the concerns and ideas you would like to see addressed at the meeting of the Third Vatican Council, to be held, this time in Bejing, in the facility developed for the 2008 Olympics. The letter need not address just the particulars of your place of origin – the bishops are bishops of the whole church, not just one diocese – but it might well be shaped by these. On the other hand, you might also have a point to make or a cause to uphold that pertains to larger questions. Whatever may be the concern or concerns you wish to put forward, ground your points in quotations from both scripture and tradition, that is to say in quotations from the Bible (there are many in the Vatican II documents themselves if you draw a blank here) and from the documents of Vatican II. Further instructions Begin by addressing the Pope formally, with words such as “Your Holiness, I am writing as Bishop of _ in the diocese of _ in order to put before you my reflections on the task or tasks that lie before our upcoming council, Vatican III.” You can use exactly these words if they help you get started. Now here is a sample outline. There are other ways to do this, and if you know what you’re doing, feel free to vary this. I. Context First, say a little about my region and the specific concerns of the clergy and laity over whom you have jurisdiction as their bishop and shepherd. (This can be simple or elaborate depending on the degree to which your interests and points are context specific or more general.) II. Major concerns Now turn to the major areas of concern you would lay out for the task ahead. List of areas of concern Points to be made about them Positions you would like to see the Church take in their regard III. Now cite the documents of Vatican II, and if possible the scriptural references that are relevant to your concerns General perspectives you find most valuable How these are rooted in tradition and scripture
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Catholicism Final Paper Guidelines - Further Directions for...

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