Performance Review Interviewing Notes

Performance Review Interviewing Notes - 1. Performance...

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1. Performance Review o Each department has metrics by which to gauge performance o Provides feedback on what must be Altered Eliminated o Used to be called an appraisal review o Problems with reviews Judgmental Focused on the past Tied directly to salary o Today, viewed as catalytic coach Something that gets something started or changed Purpose is to improve production capability Ultimately to improve results Establishes the boss as coach rather than evaluator o Preparation Frequent communication Employees prefer a supportive climate Mutual trust Well defined job description Subordinate input Evaluate poor performance immediately Training interviewers is essential for success Be an active listener asking appropriate questions o Legalities Review organization policies Review Title IV of the 1964 Civil Rights Act Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines Law doesn't require a performance review but must be applied equally to all employees o Performance Review Models All establish competencies Set goals and expectations Monitor performance Provide feedback Person-product-service model Managerial competencies leads to effective behaviors which leads to effective performance Competencies Motive Traits Skills Aspect of self image Social role
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Performance Review Interviewing Notes - 1. Performance...

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