Interviewing Notes 10.29

Interviewing Notes 10.29 - 1. Opening o Go to first...

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1. Opening o Go to first question without approval 2. Closing o Don't discuss survey with interviewer 3. Pre-Testing o Helps identify problems o Ask participants about Comprehension Hesitancy Make sure answers can be tabulated 4. Telephone surveys o Problems People are less cooperative Unlisted numbers Cell phones o Opening Speaking skills are important Pitch of your voice Rate of speaking Volume Enunciation o When giving interview Don't give them a chance to hang up Get to the first question quickly Listen carefully Use a head set Use a computer, not paper o Analysis Tabulation (putting all the pieces together) Cross-tabulation: grouping respondents by their responses Age Gender Education Income Geography 5. Job Interviewing o Computer skills o Arithmetic skills o Problem solving o Interpersonal skills o Understanding culture and language differences o Team player as well as a leader 6. Finding Applicants o o o 7. Equal Employment Opportunity o Deal with fed. Government o 15 or more employees o Government contract of $50k ore more
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o Engage in interstate commerce Possible for state laws to be more stringent than federal laws Civil rights act: you can't discriminate against minorities Equal pay act: people who do the same work, should be getting the same wages Problem is time: if you've been there for 3 years vs. 15 years Women: taking time out for maternity, not working the same amount of time Executive order: 11246
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Interviewing Notes 10.29 - 1. Opening o Go to first...

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