Interviewing 10.22

Interviewing 10.22 - 1. Survey Interviews o Explore Topic...

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Survey Interviews o Explore Topic or issue o Describe situation or event o Explain phenomenon 2. Factors to Consider o Types of information we're looking for Feelings Attitudes Facts Statistics o How will info be used o What resources will be used how will the info be compiled/analyzed 3. Cross Sectional surveys o Captures a Moment in time o On a particular day/event (like the election) 4. Longitudinal o Trends 5. How do we structure an interview o Statement of objectives Purpose Objectives/points to be covered Methodology (how will we compile this information, resources) 2 kinds of market studies Qualitative Focus group Moderator with a discussion guide Carries on a conversation Done to fine tune a quantitative study (provides a feel for it Quantitative Numbers Questionnaire (has to be strictly adhered to) Key to success is Randomness If you hand pick people, it's not random, and it will skew the results Studies that are not random are flawed Questions have to be non biased/non-leading with a sufficient sample size i.e. 1200 people gives a 95% confidence level and a +/-4% margin of error 6. The Interview o Opening Introduction Topics to be covered Incentive Time frame Assurances
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Interviewing 10.22 - 1. Survey Interviews o Explore Topic...

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