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Latin America Key Terms neo-tropical altiplano cloud forest Columbian exchange chinampas pristine myth altitudinal zonation demographic collapse latifundios plantations repartimiento slavery garifuna narcostate treaty of tordesillas Monroe doctrine Key Questions 1. What Latin American countries are involved in producing coca and cocaine? What geographic factors explain their involvement? 2. What were the three main civilizations in Latin America at the time of European contact? Where were they located? What are some key features about these cultures? 3. What were three effects of the demographic collapse? 4. What are the two main languages in Latin America? 5. What do coca and sugar have in common? Why are they tied to Latin America? 6. What are the reasons why the cocaine trade has flourished?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What are the geographic elements related to cocaine’s production, transport, and consumption? 8. What was U.S drug policy in the Andes in the 1980s? What has the effect been on coca and cocaine production? 9. What are some new world and old world crops? 10. Why is coca cultivation important for a country like Bolivia? What is the connection between coca cultivation and free trade brought about by globalization? 11. What is the connection between import-substitution, the debt trap, and neoliberalism in Latin America? 12. What is the legacy of colonial systems such as latifundios and plantations in Latin America today? 13. What has been the effect of U.S drug policy on Mexico?...
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