Syllabus Spring 2009 research methods lab

Syllabus Spring 2009 research methods lab - UNIVERSITY OF...

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UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Psychology 0035: Research Methods Lab Spring 2009 305 Old Engineering Hall T TH, 1:00-2:40 LAB SYLLABUS Instructor: Polina Vanyukov Office: 621 Learning Research and Development Center Phone: 624-7925 Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays, 2-3PM Email: [email protected] Course Objectives: Labs are a crucial element of the Research Methods course and will provide students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in conducting research. In lab, we will design research projects, conduct literature searches, collect and analyze data, and write up the results of our studies. This can be a challenging process – but also a lot of fun! We will also do a series of activities in which you will practice and apply the concepts discussed in the lecture section. Lab time will also be spent reviewing and clarifying materials from your textbook and the lecture as necessary. In addition, Research Methods is a (W) course at the University of Pittsburgh. This means that coursework associated with this class is writing intensive . So in addition to learning about conducting psychological research, you will also learn how to write about psychological research using APA guidelines and develop an effective, professional writing style. Thus, you will be expected to undertake the following activities related to improvement of writing skills: 1) You will meet with a writing tutor several times over the course of the semester (outside of class time). Tutors will work with you to help you improve your lab papers and provide guidance about improving your writing in general. 2) You will turn in rough drafts of your papers to your lab instructor prior to paper due dates. Your instructor will provide suggestions which you will be expected to implement prior to turning in your paper. 3) You will complete a substantial revision of each of your papers after they have been graded initially. The revision should be more extensive than just correcting the editorial errors identified by your lab instructor. 4) You will participate in additional writing-related activities during class time if your instructor plans them. It will be very important to take advantage of these and other writing-related resources which may be offered to you over the course of the semester, as your instructor will be grading your papers and other assignments on the assumption that you have done so (i.e., there will be no grade inflation in labs).
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Communication: If you have questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to see me during office hours. You can also email me your questions. If writing an email, please keep proper grammar and punctuation in mind, as well as, try to be as specific as possible about the nature of your question. I will attempt to respond to email within 24 hours, but if you don’t receive a timely response, please email me again or give me a call at my office. The Research Methods website on Courseweb (
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Syllabus Spring 2009 research methods lab - UNIVERSITY OF...

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