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Psychology 0035 old exam barb - Psychology 0035: Research...

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Psychology 0035: Research Methods Exam I: Form A Multiple Choice (2 points each). Select the best answer to each of the following questions. 1. If an investigator were to define aggression in terms of the frequency and intensity of shock administered to another person, he or she would have used a. a scientific technique. b. an operational definition. c. rationalism. d. converging operations. 2. Regression to the mean can occur when a. scores on two measures are not perfectly correlated. b. subjects are selected because they scored extremely high on a pretest measure. c. a person who scores extremely low on one test scores closer to the mean at a second testing. d. a and c e. all of the above 3. If people who drop out of a study are systematically different from those who remain, which of the following is a threat to internal validity? a. selection b. maturation c. mortality d. testing e. history 4. According to lecture, if a measure is not _______ , then it cannot be _______. a. reliable, valid b. valid, reliable c. valid, internally consistent d. b and c 5. Friedman and his colleagues (1980) showed that their ACT measure of expressiveness was, as expected, highly correlated with measures of exhibition and extraversion. These results provide evidence of the measure’s _______ validity. a. discriminant b. convergent c. external d. content 6. Which of the following is used to maximize the external validity of a study? a. random assignment of subjects to conditions b. random selection of subjects from the population of interest c. systematic replication d. direct replication e. b and c 7. The extent to which a research design is sufficiently precise or powerful enough to detect relationships among the operationalized constructs is known as a. a Type II error.
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b. a Type I error. c. statistical conclusion validity. d. construct validity. e. internal validity. In a study of emotional distress, an experimenter randomly assigns subjects to either see a violent film first and then read a transcript of a violent incident, or read the transcript first and then see the film. Use this information to answer questions 8-10. 8. Film versus transcript is a(n) a. between-subjects variable. b. within-subjects variable. c. dependent variable. d. extraneous variable. 9. Which of the following strategies was used to control for order effects?
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Psychology 0035 old exam barb - Psychology 0035: Research...

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