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East Asia Study Guide Sun Yat-Sen Communists vs. Nationalists (China) Mao’s Long March Chinese Civil War Taiwan vs. Mainland China Cult of Personality Deng Xiaopeng and opening Three Gorges Dam East Asian Miracle 1997 Asian Economic Crisis Superconurbation Tokkaido Corridor Meiji Restoration Zaibatsu Keiretsu Questions 1. Be able to describe the great leap forward. Why it was instituted. What it entailed, its specific consequences and why it failed. 2. Describe the cultural revolution, Mao’s motivation for instituting it, what it was and its effects on Chinese citizens and the country as a whole. 3. Explain the importance of China’s increase in households despite its modest population increase. Why is this happening? 4. What was the economic scene in East Asia prior to World War II 5. What factors led to the East Asian Miracle? 6. What factors led to the East Asian Economic crisis of 1997?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What is the most densely populated island in Japan? What is the least densely populated island in Japan? 8. How has Japan’s physical geography and environment contributed to the problem of urbanization vs. agriculture? 9. What is China’s one child policy? What are some exceptions to it? What are some criticisms of it? 10. What are three other population trends in China? 14. How would you characterize Japan’s energy policy/energy use patterns. 15. How does a keiretsu work? How does this compare to the American model? 16. Describe a “just in time” production system. 17. What are the arguments for and against the Three Gorges Dam. 18. What are some factors that allow Chinese products (such as cars) to be made cheaper than American products?...
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