Abstract - The Golden Compassis a film that has recently...

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The Golden Compass is a film that has recently sparked controversy because of its underlying negative tone with regard to religion. Critics have argued that the film bashes Christianity, particularly Catholicism. Some have even gone the distance to say that it is the “Anti-Narnia”; however, the book is really the more anti-religious work. The film leaves out many of the anti-faith statements that are contained in the book. Whereas the film does not expressly attack faith, it does criticize governing bodies that employ faith in determining policy. This film can help us understand the need for a true separation of church and state. Many of the anti-religious and anti-faith messages so criticized by various religious communities are actually contained in Phillip Pullman’s books, rather than the film. Phillip Pullman said himself that through his books, he is trying to “undermine the basis of Christian belief” and even stated that his books were about killing God. In one of the books, Pullman depicts a girl and a boy as Adam and Eve and have them kill God. Clearly this book contains explicit anti-religious messages; however, we will see that the
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Abstract - The Golden Compassis a film that has recently...

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