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Unformatted text preview: Alex Chambers TAR100-006 9-15-2008 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof What I Thought About Cat On A Hot Tin Roof The play Cat On A Hot Tin Roof was an enjoying performance to watch as a piece of entertainment and also as a lesson for T AR100. A small cast with lots of interaction between characters allowed for each actors performance to be observed repeatedly, which mad analysis simple as one could break down different pieces each time. What I found interesting was the cast as a whole seemed to work together, whether it be good or bad. While each character I grew to hate for their personality, the actors skill I grew to love and hate at the same time, not for their character personalities but because of their relationships on stage. I think the group as a whole could be typified by the representation of Big Daddy on stage. Big Daddy’s performance was stellar, especially in the eyes of someone who is taking their first acting class ever. There were no moments where his roll was broken by his vocal or physical actions. I never once believed that anyone on stage was not their character. To me, if I were to hear that voice around campus now, I would hear Big Daddy, not man who played Big Daddy. It would be quite a shock, but Big Daddy would again be pulled out of a mid-twentieth century cotton plant in the Deep South and plopped before me in 2008 Tucson, Arizona. What created this grand illusion was the commitment everyone made to the roll. There was a total emersion, when the actors took stage to be their character that made them so real. When Big Daddy was angry with Big Momma, he shouted out at her, and everyone in the house could feel the sting his tongue left on her heart....
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This note was uploaded on 02/15/2009 for the course TAR 100 taught by Professor Black during the Fall '08 term at Arizona.

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TAR100HotCat - Alex Chambers TAR100-006 Cat On A Hot Tin...

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