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TAR100-The Engineer

TAR100-The Engineer - Johnson James Weldon 1871-1938 The...

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Johnson, James Weldon, 1871-1938, The Engineer . Electronic Edition by Alexander Street Press, L.L.C., 2002. © James Welson Johnson Characters: PAUL WESTON: An Engineer. CORA: His young Wife. http://www.alexanderstreet4.com/cgi- bin/asp/nadr/navigate?/projects/artfla/databases/asp/nadr/fulltext/IMAGE/.1382 Act "THE ENGINEER." (Humble room in Paul's cottage. Present time. Window to right. Door at back. Chimney at left.) CORA (Seated near the chimney; she appears nervous and pensive. Suddenly listens at the window .) --Let me see --- I thought I heard him coming---- But, no; he always let's me know by singing---- He won't be long now --- I want to see him come, and I'm afraid, for this will be the last night. I can't any longer. I've made up my mind. --- (Pause.) --- It's cold --- This fire don't burn. It don't give any heat --- Maybe it's because I can't feel it ---- The ice in my heart won't let me ---- Oh. I'm so wretched! The train will soon pass through the cut, and my poor Paul will be on it, shut up in that hellish engine. as he says, with his thoughts always on me. Oh I'm so wretched! This deception is weighing on me too much. I can't add any more days of sin to it. The last!-- The last! ------- Hush! --- I thought I heard him singing again. --- No it is the wind. --- (She remains pensive .) (Enter Paul by the door, smiling and cheerful. He stops a moment contemplating Cora.) PAUL WESTON (She little thinks that I am here) ....... [p. 3 ] CORA Oh, it's terrible! It's awful! Paul don't deserve this---- PAUL WESTON I wonder if she's thinking of me----who can tell---- Who can tell what a woman thinks? -- (He approaches her quietly and puts his arms around her.) -- CORA (With surprise and terror.) --Paul! Paul! Is it you? PAUL WESTON Yes, darling, it's me! CORA Oh, God!
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PAUL WESTON It's me, your Paul. He who thinks about you all the time. Who can't live without you---But--What has happened? What's the matter? --Oh, yes, the natural fright and surprise of seeing me when you thought I was still in my hell --- so many miles away--- CORA Yes, yes --- that is it--- PAUL WESTON Just fright from joy, eh, sweetheart? CORA You understand --- to see you at this time --- to see you home at this time --- (Oh God!) PAUL WESTON I'll explain it to you, but you mustn't quarrel with me. [p. 4 ] CORA What do you mean?
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TAR100-The Engineer - Johnson James Weldon 1871-1938 The...

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