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Alex Chambers September 24, 2008 TRAD101-038 Armenian Diaspora: The Middle East The Armenian people are an ethnic group that dates back to the times of antiquity. According the Judeo-Christian history, the region that is Armenia is in the highlands where Noah’s arch landed following the great flood depicted in Genesis. The area came under rule of many ancient empires from roughly 1500B.C. until sometime around 600B.C. It was in this time that the Kingdom of Armenia was established by the Orontid Dynasty. After the collapse of the Kingdom in 428A.D., the Armenians went through periods of independence and rule of great empires, including the Byzantine, Ottoman, Persian, and in modern times Russian empires. Today, the Republic of Armenia is a 11,500 square mile nation located in the southern part of the Caucasus. A former Soviet Republic, it is a Region of ever changing politics and borders lines. The Republic of Armenia is home to some 3 million ethnic Armenians. Border nations to Armenia are Georgia to its north, Azerbaijan to its east, Iran to its south, and Turkey to its west. Ethnically, Armenia is 98% Armenian, with Yarzidis, Russians, and other former Soviet peoples making up the other 2%. The state of Armenia can be dated back roughly 3,000 to 4,000 years, making it one of the oldest in the Near East. The Republic of Armenia and Armenians emigrations are traditionally Christians. Historically, Armenians are considered one the oldest Christian ethnic groups. Christianity was adopted by the Kingdom of Armenia in approximately 301A.D. This is accepted widely as the first state to officially adopt Christianity as its religion. Christianity had spread rapidly through
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Armenia even before the 4 th Century. Two apostles of Jesus, St. Jude and St. Bartholomew, had spread the word of Christianity to the Armenians shortly after his death. St. Jude and St. Bartholomew spread their word between 40-60A.D. It is because of these
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Trad101Armenian - Alex Chambers TRAD101-038 Armenian...

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