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Chambers 1 Alex Chambers TRAD101-38 Christine Dykgraaf Parvaneh Hosseini November 25, 2008 The Israeli-Palestinian: A Comparison of the Authors S. Yizhar and Ghassan Kanafani Middle Eastern conflicts have been a burning world issue throughout history. Violence and unrest have marred much of the region, and continuous to be an international issue. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the spotlight of geopolitical debate. Marred by violence and war for the majority of the twentieth century, no end is in sight in the twenty first century. A complex situation makes for injustices committed on both side, and has left the region in deadlock. Despite the international impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, insight into the human aspect of the conflict is uncommon in western media. The artist and writers of both sides of the conflict give perspective into the impact of the clash between ideologies, faiths, and people. Human interest pieces are becoming more prevalent in the west, and it is the writings of S. Yizhar, Ghassan Kanafani, and many others that are now enlightening the rest of the world to their struggle. CNN broadcast images of IDF tanks rolling through streets and of cafes decimated by suicide bombers, but its Middle Eastern writers that tell the story of how these events and the politics of the region affect human lives. S. Yizhar’s “On the Road to Jericho” is a prose on human interaction in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. While Yizhar is an Israeli, his style of prose removes opinion and bias in
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Chambers 2 the literature. It is this style of writing that made S. Yizhar a world renowned writer, not just for his subject matter, but as well for his literary talent. “On The Road to Jericho” does not leave the audience with a clear definition of right and wrong, in fact it doesn’t leave us with a resolution of life and death. Yizhar presents his first hand account through vivid and powerful imagery that paints an objective scene. The beauty of nature is a universal human emotion, and as Yizhar has done with his vivid imagery, unique symbols give personal feeling to nature. Both Palestinian and Israeli can identify with the backdrop Yizhar has painted in “On the Road to Jericho.” His eloquent imagery continuous beyond the scorching heat, dusty roads, and war torn region to powerful accounts of everything he has observed in this meager Palestinian family. In fact, Yizhar
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TRAD101Paper2 - Chambers 1 Alex Chambers TRAD101-38...

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