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Trad101-Reading1 - it a terrible reading the article...

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Alex Chambers 24 October 2008 TRAD101-038 The reading on “Land of the Sad Oranges” was terribly confusing and I found it irritating to read in its broken dialogue and rather empty context. While I assume it is a translation and maybe more meaningful and poetic in Arabic, in English it was broken and seemed to lack focus on a subject. This fragmentation didn’t help the writing, but I feel it was responsible for making
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Unformatted text preview: it a terrible reading, the article already lack a strong context to make it interesting or really even relevant. In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this article didn’t seem to be informative or have any context that was truly damming of either side. If Kanafani is supposed to be “resistance writing” I see little resistance or really even any...
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