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Alex Chambers 5 December 2008 TRAD101-038 The reading piece on Arab comedy and jokes was interesting from a western perspective as the modern arts aren’t thought of a whole lot. To a western observer, these cultural pieces are often lost in the much larger picture of a foreign land. As the reading describes, Arab comedy is not new or radically different from western performance, but it certainly is unique. Its interesting to note that such forms of art as performance theater were brought to the Arab world by the west. Such type of modern comedy have been playing for some time, but they have roots deep in traditions. . I find it interesting how comedy in the middle easy often pokes fun at common issues that many westerners can identify with. They typical government, social and cultural jokes transgress language and can be funny and informative to people of all languages. The Arab jokes and
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Unformatted text preview: commentary we saw in class and that were reflected in the reading were identifiable to most western readers every day lives, that makes them universal. Its really neat. Of course, locality often plays a major role in the humor of the joke, and can be lost in literal translation. A good joke in Arab read in English may need a little explanation, but can be related to by someone in a western audience. I am sure that the opposite is true as well. This topic would have been fun to have covered more, as a class and in the readings, it was glanced over really in compassion to other forms of literature and culture that we studied. I think one or two more lectures on this subject might have been fun to have to dive deeper in to the impact and meaning of jokes and anecdotes....
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