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Chapter 1 - 39 pages a day NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY Psychology...

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39 pages a day NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY: Psychology: The Scientific study of behaviour and the factors that influence it. -Psycologists use the term behaviour very broadly to refer both to actions that we can observe directly and to the inner process- mental events - such as thoughts, feelings, images, and psyiological reactions. In search for the causes of these diverse forms of behaviour, psychologists take into account biological, individual, and environmental factors. -Science of psychology relates to virtually every aspect of our lives. It exlores the nature and causes of our behaviour and feelings, our motives and thoughts. It has assumed an important role in solving problems and promoting welfare of the inhabitants of this complex and rapidly changing world. -Psychology as a Basic and Applied Science: Basic Research: The quest for knowledge purely for its own sake. Goals are to describe how people behave and to identify the factors that influence or cause a particular type of behaviour. Applied Research: Designed to solve specific practical problems. Often uses principles discovered through basic research to solve problems - From Robbers Cave to the Jigsaw Classroom: Jigsaw Program: - Goals of Psychology: 1. To describe how people and other animals behave 2. To explain and understand the causes of these behaviours 3. To predict how people and animals will behave under certain cinditions 4. To influence or control behaviour through knowledge and control of its causes to enhance human welfare.
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-if we understand the causes of a behaviour and know when the casual factors are present or absent, then we should be able to successfully predict when the behaviour will occur. If we control the causes, we should be able to control the behaviour. Prediction can have important practical uses that do not require a complete understanding of why some behavioural issues occur. -competition could be one way to increase inter-group hostility while and discrimination, and that co-operation to achieve a common goal could decrease this hostility. Perspectives on behaviour: Guides to understanding and discover -It is possible that the environment one lives in, such as hobbies, experience and other factors in someones life coul effect the way they deal with their anger. -whitman case illustrateshow many causes, past and present could contribute to a given behaviour. In attempts to understand what had happened to Whittman test were done in three different levels of analysis. Biological, psychological and environmental. Perspectives: Vantage points for analyzing behaviour and its biological, psychological and environmental causes -psychological perspectives serve as lenses through which the world of behaviour is viewed, and they reflect and shape our conception of human nature. They also determine which aspects of behaviour we consider is important and worthy of study, which questions we ask, and which methods of study we employ. -Six major perspectives characterize contemporary psychological thought. Biological,
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Chapter 1 - 39 pages a day NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY Psychology...

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