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MUSI 2040 11-5-08

MUSI 2040 11-5-08 - 3 Read Pg 190-191 a Q What was the...

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MUSI 2040 NOTES November 5, 2008 Yong Choi  Homework: 1. Read Pg. 153-156 a. Q: Who was William Billings and how did his singing school work? 2. Read Pg. 199-201 a. Q: How is this related to the tea party?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Read Pg. 190-191 a. Q: What was the purpose/Function of Dancing 4. Read Pg. 195-198 a. Q: What was the plot of the Indian Princess?-Textbook Reading-NO CLASS ON MONDAY!!!...
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