MUSI 2040 9-22-08 - Creole people who has a mixed ethnicity...

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MUSI 2040 NOTES September 22, 2008 Yong Choi French/Canadian Influences Be able to:  Trace the history of migration of Acadians to Lousiana Define – “Cajun,” “Creole,” “Zydeco” Identify and differencetiate between Zydeco and Midland Two Step Describe Clifton Chenier Translate – “O Chere Bebe,” and “Zydeco son pas sale” Historical Background: 17 th  Century – French colony of Acadia established in what is now Nova Scotia 1754-64 – The French and Indian War – British seize control of Nova Scotia and  force the expulsion of the Acadians from the region 1755 – Acadians migrate southward to the Lousiana region Cajun – group of people who trace their ancestry and culture back to the Acadian  colonists.          (French Canadian)
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Unformatted text preview: Creole people who has a mixed ethnicity Zydeco the musical style that reflects the blending of Cajun dance with African American blues and R&B CD 1/23 O Chere Bebe Midland Two Steps Traditional Cajun dance song Performed by Michael Doucet and Beausoleil Recorded in Lafayette, Louisiana 1981 The two-step is a dance for Cajun music and country-western music Duple Meter Accordion and Fiddle Cajun accent from the back of the throat Common percussion instruments: drum set, triangle, spoons Title translated to: Oh Dear Bebe CD 1/24 Zydeco sont pas sale Clifton Chenier Recorded in Houston Texas 1965 Listen for Wash board & Accordian Mixture of Cajun music with the blues Title translated to: The Green Beans arent salty...
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MUSI 2040 9-22-08 - Creole people who has a mixed ethnicity...

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