MUSI 2040 9-8-08 - 20,000 + Vocabulary: Field holler =...

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MUSI 2040 NOTES September 8, 2008 Yong Choi How do we collect early African-American secular folk music? Find written records – names of tunes, lyrics, notated music – from both black  and white sources Find successors of slaves and old African-American families, interview them and  record/transcribe the stories/songs that were handed down by older generations Compare all these sources over a large geographic area and look for similarities Find in isolated community and rcord/transcribe their stories and music Po Lazarus – name of song Allen Lomux – film director who recorded music $ Cater – who sung a song Mississippi courts
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Unformatted text preview: 20,000 + Vocabulary: Field holler = Arwhoolies Working Solo work Solo song Strict rhythm Florid Personal text Ex. Quitten Time Quitten Time : 1 st verse: A A B 2 nd verse: A A B Quitten Time: Vocalist: Samuel brooks Mississippi Arwhoolie Melismatic/ Florid Predecessor of Blues b3 b7 = Blues Scale African American Ballads: Both anglo-american John Henry: Arthur Bell = vocalist Song Form Recorded at: Cumins state prison in Gould, Arkansas at 1939 Spike Call - Response Verse Response to himself, O Lordy Strophic Pop Quiz on Wed....
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MUSI 2040 9-8-08 - 20,000 + Vocabulary: Field holler =...

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