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MUSI 2040 9-29-08

MUSI 2040 9-29-08 - Characteristics of general country...

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MUSI 2040 NOTES September 29, 2008 Yong Choi Test 2 materials Starts from Here Aaron. A. Fox Reading Father of Country Music: Jimmie Rodgers born in Meridian Mississippi Mother of Blues: Ma Rainey born in Columbus, GA Two flow charts that demonstrates how the American music genres grew Model 1:  Anglo-American Folk Music        Country African American Folk Music         Blues Model 2: Anglo-American Folk Music        Country African American Folk Music         Blues        Rhythm and Blues 12 Bar Blues Lyrics Music 4/4 A [-----] [-----] [-----] [-----]      I         I          I        Fill A [-----] [-----] [-----] [-----]    IV       IV         I        Fill B [-----] [-----] [-----] [-----]       V        V         I        Turnaround (leads to the next verse)
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Unformatted text preview: Characteristics of general country Melody, Harmony, Instrumentation, style of singing Instrumentation: generally portable – violin/fiddle • Capable of producing a sustained tone • Other strummed or plucked o Auto-harp, guitar, banjo, mandolin, slide, slide guitar, steel guitar, bass Style of singing: high, nasal, strained voice • Ornamentation that mimics the violin: short slides • Vocal break: the tendency for the voice to break as if under the stress of the song’s emotions was introduced from southwestern influences • Yodel – found in western country music and cowboy songs popularized by Jimmie Rogers Theme: Public vs Private Loss vs Desire Realism: Human situation, true stories Perennial Themes: Love, Death, Religion, Events Regionalism: Use of localized slang & dialect...
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  • Meter, Musical notation, Music        Country African, Folk Music        Country, Folk Music         Blues, Anglo­American Folk Music

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MUSI 2040 9-29-08 - Characteristics of general country...

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