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music_review final - Lady Hopes Reel Date 1777 Ensemble...

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Lady Hope’s Reel Date - 1777 Ensemble - Frightening drum song (dance) Composer - Giles Gibbs Form - binary form A and B, low strain and high strain Historical Contexts : Revolutionary War Describe male and female bowing tradition: Chorus of Adventurers Date - 1808 Title of play - Indian Princess Historical context : reflect nationalism, after American Revolution Composer and librettist Bray and Barker Plot history - Jamestown Musical characteristics - strophic Describe the type of musicians who performed this music : trained performers Junto song Date - 1775 Genre - political broadside Define junto – slang for oppressor Historical context – Boston Tea Party Describe the connection of this song to the Beggars opera - Beggars opera song w/ new political lyrics Chester Date - 1770 Composer - William Billings Description of New England singing schools singing schools that are formed in order to teach how to sing hymns since founders of New England believed importances of singing hymns. Compare/ contrast this to sacred harp traditions - wasn’t shape notes but it’s easy to read Historical context of ths songs - Hymn song with new political words Musical connection to hymn songs lyrics are religious and main instrument is vocal. Yankee Doodle Boy Composer - George Cohan Date - 1904 Type of musical theater : musical comedy How was this different from other theatrical forms? The subject matter and characters were American, the speech vernacular, and the songwriting direct and easily memorable Characteristics of this type of musical theater Other songs referenced in lyrics : national anthems, the girl I left behind me, dixie, yankee doodle
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Boatman’s dance Composer - Dan Emmett Date - 1843 Type of musical theater : Minstrel show Characteristics of this type of m.t. : popular show that time, black face, blackface singing and dancing with banjo accompaniment Describe what’s going on in the webct advertisements
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music_review final - Lady Hopes Reel Date 1777 Ensemble...

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