15-Stress & Health

15-Stress & Health - - Passive (denial, avoidance)...

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Key Terms Stress Hans Selye (1907 - 1982): General Adaptation Syndrome Alarm Resistance Exhaustion Stressor Cognitive Appraisal Reaction (physical & psychological) Reaction to Stress: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Sources of Stress: catastrophies, frustration, life events, conflict (approach vs. avoidance), environmental conditions (crowding, noise, crime), work stress Coping - personality characteristics (Type A vs. Type B; hostility) - predictability & control, cognitive factors, social support - Optimism vs. Learned Helplessness
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Unformatted text preview: - Passive (denial, avoidance) vs. Active Strategies- emotion-focused vs. problem-focused (internal locus of control) - proactive coping & stress, inoculation Key Stress & Health Psychology Terms (cont) (Lefton & Brannon, 2006, Chapter 15) Health Psychology: heart disease, cancer, accidents- self-destructive behavior: smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol, inactivity- optimistic bias & magical thinking- avoiding medical care; compliance with medical advice- controlling campus alcohol consumption at VT- drugs to manage HIV more risky sexual behavior...
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15-Stress & Health - - Passive (denial, avoidance)...

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