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italian family final draft

italian family final draft - Reed 1 Kyle Reed February 6...

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Reed 1 Kyle Reed February 6, 2007 Brieghan Gardner My Italian Family I have seen and been a part of many communities, but none that can even come close to my family. Before I go into detail about why I believe this to be true, I will provide a brief definition of what I believe a community is. I believe it can be defined as a group of people who share something in common whether it be a common lineage, language, or set of beliefs. There are many different things that make my Italian family fit under the definition above; between them always being there for me, us always being together, the fact that we all basically have the same set of beliefs, and the fact that we all speak the same language. In this paper I will be describing the different things that make my family an awesome community to be a part of and I will also give you an insight into this sometimes strange, but always welcoming community. Before I start in on this essay, I will specify what I mean by my family. Obviously I can’t be speaking of my entire family, since there are so many members of my family that I haven’t met them all yet. So, when I say family I mean my immediate family (uncles, aunts, parents, grandparents, cousins, nephews, and nieces. Even though when I think of my family community I don’t think of those members that are further on the outside of the family, they are still part of the community because they are still part of the family. They are just a little bit closer to the outer boundary of the circle that my family creates.
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Reed 2 As stated before, my family loves to get together whenever they can and tend to have family parties every chance we get. Whether it be for Christmas, Easter, or family members’ birthdays, we are always finding reasons to get together. Although my family is almost 100% Italian, (there is some Portuguese thrown in there from my grandfather’s side), we don’t celebrate any holidays that most other families don’t celebrate. But where we lack in celebrating original holidays, we make up in the extent to which we celebrate. To address one rumor right off the bat, some people think that Italians have excessive amounts of food whenever they gather. I am here to inform you that those allegations are completely true. On Christmas we usually have the traditional turkey accompanied with ravioli, chicken parmesan, assorted Italian vegetables, garlic bread, and of course the Italian deserts. The deserts are what make my night, whether it be the Italian cookies, the
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italian family final draft - Reed 1 Kyle Reed February 6...

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