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response paper 7 - The way in which the film gave examples...

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Kyle Reed October 3, 2006 Response Paper 7 Emergence of Life in the Universe 1.) I found that the strongest argument that the movie had for the belief of Intelligent Design was that of the bacterial flagellum motor. They stated that the motor consist of at least 40 different parts, 30 of which are not present on any other bacteria. I find it hard to believe that these tails that the bacteria use to move around were just mutated over generations into something useful. 2.) There wasn’t much of a weak argument put up by the people defending the idea of Intelligent Design. If I had to pick out something, I would have to say that they didn’t refute many of Darwin’s’ ideas with proof found through science, they tried using more of a common sense basis for their arguments. 3.) The film influenced my belief by reaffirming my belief in Intelligent Design.
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Unformatted text preview: The way in which the film gave examples of how complex life is and how in order for a strand of protein to randomly attach in the right places, it would be the same chance of dropping scrabble pieces and have them form pages of Shakespeare’s works. 4.) I believe the reason that you, Dr. Davis, have your opinions as to how the earth was created and how life was formed because you are a scientist, and scientists are taught to look at the physical evidence placed in front of them and to come to conclusions based on that evidence. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but I believe that when it comes to thinking about how something like how life was created, you have to sometimes look outside the box at the possibility of a supernatural hand playing a part in it....
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response paper 7 - The way in which the film gave examples...

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