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Kyle Reed October 23, 2006 Emergence of Life in the Universe Response Paper #9 1.) The meaning of life is to reproduce and to carry out God’s will. It is hard to say what the meaning of my life is because it hasn’t been revealed to me yet. I know though that eventually I will find what God is calling me to do. As stated before, the meaning or purpose of life comes from God, but it takes time to find out our true call. Even though it is given to us by God, we have free will whether or not to do what he tells us to do.
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Unformatted text preview: So in a way it is given to us yet in another way it can be defined by us. 2.) The only thing that actually matters in life is your relationship with God. There are other things that arent as meaningful, but should still take precedence over other things like how you treat other people, your overall outlook on life, the relationships you have with other people, and to what extent you live your life. It is better to do everything you can during life than to just crawl by....
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