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SP Gay Marriage Paper1 - The Underlying Values to My...

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The Underlying Values to My Perspective on Same-Sex Marriage Some may like to believe that their opinions arise from their own deliberation and thoughts; in reality, our attitudes and ideas are constantly being shaped by those around us and the historical context in which we live. As C.Wright Mills proposes, we cannot understand our personal experiences without linking it to the broader context of the time in which we live. It is therefore important to consider the hidden values behind opinions and how it is related to the greater influences in life. One controversial topic that concerns the current age is the issue of same-sex marriage: should homosexual individuals be allowed be marry? Although I believe that homosexuality is a valid and legitimate way of living life, I do not believe that same-sex marriage should be legal in the United States, a view that is strongly influenced by my family values. As a high school student at a private school in Dallas, Texas, I only knew of one individual in the entire school who was openly homosexual. Of course, a few harmless rumors circulated about this individual since he was the only visible indication that society was progression toward a new age of sexual freedom. As I got involved in high school debate, I began to meet more and more homosexual individuals: individuals who were passionate about their beliefs and who I respected greatly. As I became exposed to these individuals, any doubt I had about their character had disappeared. These were functional, passionate members of the community. However, when it comes to legalizing same-sex marriage, many deeply entrenched values I have come into play. The socialization we receive in our homes shapes our beliefs in a very fundamental way. My parents are trained in science: my mom, a doctor and my dad, a scientist. They both believe strictly in the natural order of reproduction between a man and a woman. Based on science, this is what is anatomically appropriate. My father’s view on homosexuality is that it is socially constructed. He bases this off the fact that he never heard about homosexuality in the past in China, where he grew up and received most of his education. He wonders how homosexuals
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SP Gay Marriage Paper1 - The Underlying Values to My...

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