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1 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C O L O R A D O Department of Architecture Arch 3114 - 002 Fall 2007 Amir H. Ameri [email protected] History and Theory of Architecture I Essa y Exa m 2 The point and purpose of this essay is not to test your command of the facts, names, dates, and places, per se. Although you are expected to be in full command of the facts as such, the intent of this essay exam is to test your understanding of architecture. Mere and passive acquisition and repetition of information is not what is at issue. What the essays are meant to test is your active engagement with and the ability to comprehend and effectively synthesize diverse bodies of information and points of view provided in the lectures and reading assignments. What it is meant to foster is your ability to effectively analyze and hierarchically organize this information into a coherent and multi-layered picture that encompasses both the what and the why of architecture. The 2 questions below are intentionally broad in scope. You are expected to provide a well thought through, concise, selective and nevertheless comprehensive answer to each question. You should make certain every sentence has a significant point to make and avoid repetition. Each essay should be limited to about 1500 words (both questions combined). It would be necessary for you to choose from the
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