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Bottle number : 3346 Description of physical properties of gas in P(pressure), V(volume), n( number of moles), and T (temperature) : PV=nRT In order to determine the identity of unknown nitrate salt from reaction between sulfuric acid and nitrite salt, apparatus like in figure 4.1 was set. Mass of unknown salt = .969g After mixing the sulfuric acid solution with unknown salt by tilting Erlenmeyer flask, the reaction occurred. Bubbles were generated and water from Florence flask moves to 600mL beaker through rubber tube. Mass of 600mL beaker with the content from reaction = 541.3g Mass of 600mL beaker = 183.4g Volume of H 2 0 that came out from 500mL Florence flask to 600mL beaker:
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Unformatted text preview: 541.3g 183.4g = 357.9g Water temperature = 20.5 C Water pressure at 20.5 C = 18.095 (mmHg) Pressure of nitrogen = Total P water 760 18.095 = 741.905 mmHg PV=nRT : (741.905atm/760)(0.3579L)=n(0.08206)(293.5) n = .0145 mole of unknown salt Molar mass of MNO 2 = 0.969g/.0145mol = 66.799g (Mass of N+O 2 ) = 66.799g (14+32)g = 20.799g Molar mass of unknown alkali metal cation is 20.799g, which is molar mass of Na + (22.999g) Percent error [(20.799 - 22.999)]/22.999 x 100% = 9.57% error In conclusion, the unknown molecule in nitrite salt was sodium...
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