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Psych 355 11/11/08 Aggression Violent Aggression- rape, sexual assault, assault, murder, Aggression involves Intent Language of Aggression Violence- refers to extreme acts of aggression Anger- consists of strong feelings of displeasure in response to a perceived injury Hostility-is a negative, antagonistic attitude toward another person or group Instrumental- Emotional- Most Aggressive Nations: Iraq, Jamaica, Bolivia Cultural Variation in Aggression Cultures differ w/ respect to: the forms violence typically takes
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Unformatted text preview: ppl's attitudes towards various kinds of aggression cultures differ in aggression involving children however, some societies are known for their nonviolence Subcultures within a country aggression varies within particular societies as a function of: age race class region In almost any country, males commit more violent crimes: True For virtually any category of aggression, males are more aggressive than females: False...
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