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Study Guide 1

Study Guide 1 - Study Guide Exam#1 JS 200 Drugs and Justice...

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Study Guide – Exam #1 JS 200: Drugs and Justice Dr. Henderson - Fall 2006 PowerPoint Slides: Drug Intro Why do we take drugs? (4 reasons) ?Order of consumption worldwide Most commonly used legal/illegal drug(s) Deaths from legal/illegal drugs (in general) General trends about drug consumption Drug Use and the Body Drug abuse – definition Classic Addiction Withdrawal symptoms Psychological dependency/reinforcing Causes of continued use Potential for causing psychological dependence Non-compulsive drug users Drug abuse – definition (label) The drugs of abuse Most commonly abused prescription drugs “Pharmacology” Drugs Actions, Drug Effects Factors that influence a drug’s effects (Know them!) ED and LD Drug Legislation Pure food and drug act of 1906 Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 Prohibition: amendments (years) Opposing social forces The downside of prohibition The Bureau of Narcotics and Harry Anslinger ?The Controlled substance act (1970) Schedule of Controlled Substances (I-V) Scheduling of the most common drugs
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