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Comm 200 final

Comm 200 final - Comm.200 KenSereno Chapter9.GroupContexts...

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Comm. 200 Ken Sereno Study Guide for Final Exam Chapter 9. Group Contexts 1. What are the major research findings about the relationship between group size and satisfaction? Between group size and productivity? Small group: 3 to 15 Most research done on group of 4 to 7 Research Findings: 1. The larger the size, the lower the satisfaction, a. Not everyone gets a chance to voice thoughts. 2. The larger the size, the lower the productivity a. consensus take a long time Types of Groups 1. Problem solving (ex: marketing groups solve specific problem) 2. Therapy (ex: Alcohol anonymous, couples therapy) 3. Conscious Raising (ex: Peta) 4. Learning (ex: Classroom project) 2. What are some of the major traits of leaders? What are the two kinds of functional leaders? What are the three leadership styles? Leaders tend to be high on: 1. self esteem 2. open mindedness 3. aggression doesn’t quite match because it is a negative trait 4. achievement motivation 5. analytical thinkers 6. sociability 7. argumentitiveness Functional Leaders: 1. Task Leaders focused on task at hand, getting work done 2. Group Maintenance Leader Focus on relationships in group and relational satisfaction Leadership styles: 1. Authoritarian Leader a. Best in time crisis b. Someone who dictates 2. Democratic leader a. Everyone gets to express an opinion 3. Laissez- Faire Leader a. Let’s the group go without leader b. Hands off, lets group decide
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3. What kinds of conflict help decision-making? What kinds of conflict are destructive? Conflict is often unavoidable Certain kinds of conflict improves the quality of decision making: 1. A vocal minority will not necessarily change majority 2. But a vocal minority will cause the majority o make a more careful and thoughtful decision Certain Kinds of Conflict Can be destructive to decision making: 1. Conflict over scarce resources with individuals only concerned about getting their own share 2. Conflict resulting from strong personal animosity a. Can have long lasting negative effects 4. What is conformity? Describe the types and reasons for compliance. Conformity- Change in an individual brought about by pressure by the majority 1. Types: a. public compliance b. private acceptance Reasons for compliance 1. Need to belong 2. Reference function: The group informs members about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior 3. Group attractiveness 4. Group maintenance: Members realize that the group needs to maintain a unified front. 5. Collins and Guetzkow’s Input-Process-Output Model What are inputs? process? outputs? What was the major research concern of C and G? Of the three terms--inputs, process, and outputs--which concept was relatively neglected in C and G’s research? What are the two categories of obstacles groups face in solving problems? What is the assembly effect? Under what conditions does it apply? What are the strengths and weaknesses of C and G’s theory and research?
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Comm 200 final - Comm.200 KenSereno Chapter9.GroupContexts...

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