COMM 202 EXAM 3 REVIEW - COMM 202 EXAM 3 REVIEW Fall 2007...

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COMM 202 EXAM 3 REVIEW Fall 2007 The purpose of this sheet is to help guide you in your review for the third exam. This list is NOT exhaustive. Your class notes, the online syllabus, and the reading assignments are absolutely vital as sources of information that you will be tested on. Think about examples from your readings that illustrate each concept. Always try to include relevant examples from the readings to support your answers. If a short answer or essay question specifically mentions an author, you must include specific examples from that reading. Censorship, (In)decency and the Net 1. What was the Rimm Study all about? Explain its content, the events following its publication, and the relevance of all of this to the CDA . The Rimm study showed that one fifth of Usenet flow "contains pornographic imagery" And that "83.5 percent of all images posted on the Usenet are pornographic." However, most of study was based on adult bulletin boards (BBS), not on Internet Usenet sites; BBS not part of Internet, not public. In addition, the "one fifth of Usenet flow" claim was based on flow of bits. 2. What is the difference between censorship and regulation? Give examples for each. Censorship controls undesirable information or the people that produce and distribute the information. It is usually enforced by governments. Censorship mans that the content is banned unconditionally. Censorship is to black out the information that is considered harmful to the public in general. Censorship is considered bad. Obscenity is censored. Example: Childhood pornography. The general public finds it undesirable and it is banned completely. Regulation applies to all aspects of public life, from radio spectrum allocation to traffic lights. It can be found in all kinds of social organizations, large or small. Regulation means that there are specific conditions under which something can be done properly. Regulation is to provide an orderly market that promotes industry interests as well as consumer rights. Regulation is considered good. Indecency is regulated. Example: Can be a pornstar once you become eighteen. 3. What are some characteristics of software developed to protect minors from accessing obscene internet content? What are some problems associated with such software solutions? Give examples for such products. Some filtering software directly analyzes content, typically looking for particular keywords. The first source is a set of descriptive labels that are associated with the materials. Those labels may be provided by information publishers who describe their own work, or may be provided by independent reviewers. A single document may have several labels associated with it. The second information source the filter uses is a set of filtering rules, which say what kinds
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COMM 202 EXAM 3 REVIEW - COMM 202 EXAM 3 REVIEW Fall 2007...

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